and gosh did we ever get greeted kindly by the girls.

MAY 11, 1942

Dear Rich; Happy Birthday to you have a good time and take a drink of wine for me.

Well Rich we got back to camp 5:00 PM. We traveled about 1000 miles through Wash and Oregon. It sure was a nice change. I like the state of Oregon lots better than this dumb state. Boy Oh Boy you should see the crooked roads we went over plenty like that one in Whittier only worse yet right through the forest. and boy what I mean it sure was pretty. it is just like spring at home out here every thing is nice and green its warm here but not too warm. gets quite cool at night. We sleep in our pup tents that was ok too I got myself a sleeping bag and they were handy for sleeping out like that It rained one night but our tent didn’t leak so thank god.

But part of the trip was they always camped near town and after we got our trucks grease we could get passes and go to town nearly every town have a dance for us. they had the trip planned ahead so they knew we were coming
and gosh did we ever get greeted kindly by the girls. I guess in those small towns they don’t have much to do with all the young fellows gone. I had good luck I took I mean I walked two girls home. one in Roseburg and one in Reedsport and in Florence two girls took Ervin and I for a ride and had a few beers.

I will give you the names of the towns we stayed over night in then you can get a map and get a idea where we went.

The camping route Felix describes

First night, Vancouver, 9 miles from Portland we went to Portland “nice town”. (Second) Rosebury town about the size of Dundee, another good time. (third) Bandon very small, not much fun there fourth Reedsport, Hot Dog. Blonder girls boy did I ever have fun there. Fifth, Florence town about like Ida. but lots of fun there (Sixth) Waldport not much there had two nites there went rollerskating. Last stop “astoria” biggest town but not much fun. That is all Fort Lewis.

Today we had to clean up our junk, just a big wash day. Also we have lots of work to do on our half tracks.

I got the Monroe paper OK got the first one while we were out, yesterday I got three and today two so I don’t know how they will come. but I don’t care I sure enjoy read it. I got Ann’s letter today so I had plenty to read but I like it.
Well so long Rich
Write when you can Felix

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