I never saw so many people.

Postmarked Trenton N.J.
Jan 12, 1943
Dear Ann,
I got your letter yesterday was glad to get it.

Did you see Ben since I wrote him that letter? If you have I suppose you know where, and a little of what goes on.

When I was in New York I went to “Rosendale” and saw Uncle Ben. Got there Fri 6:00 P.M. stayed all night left backy for N.Y. 7:30 in the morning.
He sure was glad to see me. He is getting pretty old but sure has a good memory. Boy, N.y. sure is a big place. We went up on the Empire State Building 102 stories up, Boy what a site.

The wind is blowing just awful hard today.

I am Corp. of the guard to day so I don’t have to be out much.

All of our letters are censor. so there isn’t much use writing. a fellow could not write anything¬† and anyhow who wants the Sgt. know all you write.¬† If they were censor any where else but right in camp it won’t be so bad.

There are some fellows going to town to night so I will have them mail this letter.¬† Quite a number of fellows are doing the same. When you write “write” to my address in Texas.

Sun when I got back from my pass, the Box from Ben and Helen was here. The boys said they wanted to open it so bad. It didn’t last too long once I opened it. Is sure come at the right time. Also my paper started to come so it isn’t so bad.

I supposed you know by now that I passed within a few miles from home on the way here. Upper Sandusky was the closes got to Toledo. for a while when we was in Chicago I thought for sure was going to go through Toledo. It won’t have done much good because we could not write, telephone or anything. We only got off the train twice and did exersize “ba!”

I had a swell time in N.Y. New Year Eve. I never saw so many people. So So and so much noise, made by noise makers.

The train system is real good. we can get to N.Y. in about 1:30 or so.

If we stay here any length of time I will try and let you kn and you could take that trip out here. It only takes 11 or 12 hours to get here on the fast train and about 16 or 18 on the slow one.

After we are here a while longer maybe they would give me another pass of 2 or three day. I’ll try and write soon as I see fit. so until next time.
good bye Felix.

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