This is Sun afternoon its a beautiful day out.

Dear Ann;

This is Sun afternoon its a beautiful day out. Yesterday afternoon it snowed so hard but now its all gone.

I was on guard last night and today I don’t get off till five o’clock although I am throu walking.

I got your letter Fri. So Rich took his final exam, more than likely he will have to go before long. But I suppose if he dose he will land with quarter master, or some outfit that will stay here. From what I here they are pretty well filled up with men for the being over across.

How is this for news the latest thing we heard we might be transferred to some other camp in the states and stay and train some more. For as I am concerned thats good news. I hope its true.

I am going to the port show to night “Forever and a day” is playing.

Last week end I went to Trenton New Jersey thats the closer town to camp its a pretty nice town but not much going on, so we had a few drinks went to a show and came back to camp.

The other day I got a nice letter from Elaine Monase. I was surprised to here from her, I will have to answer some of these days.

My back was bothering me quite a bit but now it seems to be nearly ok again. But darn if I got rid of my cold, it was just about gone and now I’ve got it back again although its better.

There isn’t much more to write about. So I guess I will letter a wrist watch treatment and wind it up.

Good bye


send me a book of three cent stamps “will you.”

lots of fun with that plunger gadget

March 8, 1943

Dear Ben and All;

How is your arm by now? I hope it its ok. My back isn’t so hot yet either. It got sorta stiff when I sit around and then it pains when I get up, if it don’t get better in a day or so I am going to see a Doctor.

How is the weather in Michigan these days? Won’t be long before you will start plowing. Its been quite cold here the last few days.

I got a card from Sylvia today so I guess I better get busy and write to her. Seems like I can’t get in the writing mood any more.

My papers are still coming but not very regular. Sat I got the 26th and 27th and today I got the Feb 1st and 2nd.

Is Art still busy with his chores?  Or did Mrs. Wallace sell out. She probably won’t stay there long. I feel sorry for her she is so helpless cripple as she is.

How is Mrs. Lowe? Is she any better or haven’t you heard.
Well, I think I will take a shower and go to bed that’s about all there is to do around here.

Boy! Oh Boy! We certainly had lots of fun with that plunger gadget I brought back with me. It took some of the fellows hours to catch on we won’t tell them either.

This will be all for to-night.

From Felix.

Usually there are plenty of girls there

March 1, 1942

Dear Ann,
This is Monday night. I go on guard at 1:00 to night so I will write you a few lines before I lie down for a little shut eye.

Did “Rich” hear weather he have to go? If he dose I wonder what he will get into and where he will be station.

I am nearly over my cold last week it gave me plenty trouble. I think the weather had something to do with getting rid of it. To-day it was nice and warm the sun was out all day “an ideal day”.

How is “Ben’s” arm? I hope he doesn’t have too much trouble with it.

Sat night I went to the pict show, saw adventures of Mrs. Holidays. pretty darn good show.

Tomorrow night I thing I will go to the U.S.O. dance . There is a dance every Tue night.  Usually there are plenty of girls there, “pretty nice ones too” I have been going nearly every Tue except when I am on duty.

Wish I had a shot of Rich’s wine. feel as if I could use one.

What did you do yesterday “Sun?”

I did my washing in the morning and read a book in the afternoon. That’s about all there is to do.

Well its time I got a little sleep. So until next time.
good bye

got back ok