We have two radios in our Barracks.

February 13, 1943

Dear Ann –

Your letter was here waiting for me when I got back from my pass.

I sent to Phila on my three day pass had a swell time wish I could have stayed longer. They gould just as well have let me stay till Mon morning. The only thing we did this morning was a full field inspection and now we have from Sat noon to Mon off.

I will do my washing this afternoon or tomorrow morning I have been doing my own since we have been here. We have a wash board so it don’t go so bad. About all I have is socks under wear,  hankies and cover – alls.

Gosh I’ll bet those pork chops were good that Ben left there.

We had spare ribs for dinner today. They weren’t so good “kind tough.”

It is raining out to day first it started to snow! Then turned to rain.

We have two radios in our Barracks. They are going all the time. I will listen to the hit parade tonight.

What do you do Sat nights? I suppose to night you will go to Ida and catch a small one.

I hope you have a nice Birthday. Have a drink for me.

I hope next year I can help you celebrate your birthday. I am getting plenty sick of this army.



We had our first snow storm last Wed.

Dear Ben + All;

Sun after noon, a good time to write you a few lines.

How is every thing at home? Do you still have snow on the ground?

We had our first snow storm last Wed. It snowed about 5 in looks pretty nice, its been quite a while since the last snow I saw.

Everything is fine with me had a little cold a while back but now its about gone.

We are getting three day passes again this month. I don’t know when I will take mine. Maybe I will try and go about Wed. I think I will go to Phila. This time, its only about 30 miles from here.

In one letter Ann wrote she and Rich would like to come to N.Y.  Too bad they can’t come when I have the three days off. There sure is plenty to see around here. I wish we would stay until spring. I imagine its pretty nice around here when things start getting green.

I got a box from Ann yesterday. Pop corn and candy. She said some thing about that she send me one around Xmas. If she did I never got it.

It takes the mail a long time to get here. First going to Texas then here, then I suppose its lays around couple of days in Texas before they send it.

There are few more things I could tell you, but I am little afraid. Just in case they should get one of our letters that we take to town to mail.

Until next time good bye. Write me to Camp Hood. Leave off the “Group 2 and UTC 803 T.D. Camp Hood.”

I never saw so many people.

Postmarked Trenton N.J.
Jan 12, 1943
Dear Ann,
I got your letter yesterday was glad to get it.

Did you see Ben since I wrote him that letter? If you have I suppose you know where, and a little of what goes on.

When I was in New York I went to “Rosendale” and saw Uncle Ben. Got there Fri 6:00 P.M. stayed all night left backy for N.Y. 7:30 in the morning.
He sure was glad to see me. He is getting pretty old but sure has a good memory. Boy, N.y. sure is a big place. We went up on the Empire State Building 102 stories up, Boy what a site.

The wind is blowing just awful hard today.

I am Corp. of the guard to day so I don’t have to be out much.

All of our letters are censor. so there isn’t much use writing. a fellow could not write anything  and anyhow who wants the Sgt. know all you write.  If they were censor any where else but right in camp it won’t be so bad.

There are some fellows going to town to night so I will have them mail this letter.  Quite a number of fellows are doing the same. When you write “write” to my address in Texas.

Sun when I got back from my pass, the Box from Ben and Helen was here. The boys said they wanted to open it so bad. It didn’t last too long once I opened it. Is sure come at the right time. Also my paper started to come so it isn’t so bad.

I supposed you know by now that I passed within a few miles from home on the way here. Upper Sandusky was the closes got to Toledo. for a while when we was in Chicago I thought for sure was going to go through Toledo. It won’t have done much good because we could not write, telephone or anything. We only got off the train twice and did exersize “ba!”

I had a swell time in N.Y. New Year Eve. I never saw so many people. So So and so much noise, made by noise makers.

The train system is real good. we can get to N.Y. in about 1:30 or so.

If we stay here any length of time I will try and let you kn and you could take that trip out here. It only takes 11 or 12 hours to get here on the fast train and about 16 or 18 on the slow one.

After we are here a while longer maybe they would give me another pass of 2 or three day. I’ll try and write soon as I see fit. so until next time.
good bye Felix.

Jan 7, 1943 – New York City

Hotel Dixie
43rd Street WEST OF TIMES SQUARE, New York City

Jan 7, 1943

Dear Ben and All:

I suppose you are wondering about me, well I am here thinking about your Birthday. “its today,”

First of all I want to tel you “Be” damn sure not to write to me here. We are at New Jersey. And if you tell any one be sure and tell them not to write here . If you want to write write to my old address in Texas. I will get it. I am in New York on a three day pass, just got here, four of us are staying at this hotel.

If I can  fine Uncle Ben I will go there Tomorrow.

Boy! O Boy I spend New Year Eve in New York “Time Square.” I’ll never forget it. Til you more when I see you. Now you know where I am so keep it under your hat or it will be too bad for me. You can write to Texas, but I won’t be writing much very often, can’t say any thing any how. Felix.

P.S. I was on the train Christmas day got your leter, but not the Box. We went throu upper Sandusky Ohio about 20 miles from Toledo. Was in Upper Sandusky 3:30 Sat night day after xmas I felt like getting off and spending Sat night home. ha. Boy O Boy “Phil,” and New York are big.


the Barracks looks like a hog pen.

Dec 21, 1942

Dear Ben and All

Monday noon, just had dinner wasn’t a bad meal for a change
We are still packing don’t have too much more mostly all that is left is in the supply room.

Well we are heading for the big hop, about all we can find out now is we are going to New Jersey for a few days then to Brooklyn New York and then I guess its the Boat ride

We are suppose to pull out Wed morning of course that could be changed. they really haven’t set no date yet.

Boy its been raining like hell all morning sure is muddy. the Barracks looks like a hog pen.

Looks like all the xmases I spend in the army are going to be bad ones. Looks like we will be on the train that is if we leave Wed.

How is the weather back home now, is it still cold?

We got a few new men from South Carolina. They come Sat. There mouth sure dropped open when they heard we were going across. They have only been in the service 15 weeks.

Well this is all for this time will write as soon as I can.

To night we are washing all of our clothes

Dec 18, 1942

Dear Ann,

I’ll write you a little note for I don’t have any too much time.

Well Ann our time has finally come. We have been packing for two days now. We are going bye bye and this time they say there will be a Boat ride.

Will be leaving here in a few days and as far as we know are going to Brooklyn, New York and from there on your guess is as good as ours.

It was a good thing I took my furlough when I did, there were around 40 fellows that didn’t get theres, one group was all set to leave and they called them off. They sure were blue about it.

I got my picture it wasn’t too bad, I can’t hardly take it along, so I am sending to Ruth Russell.

Boy this sure is a mess we are getting all the clothes we were short, turned in most of our trucks I guess we will get different ones in N.Y.

To night we are washing all of our clothes, what a heck of a job that is.

Well this will be all for tonight, I’ll try and write as soon as I can

good bye



The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

Dec 16, 1942

Dear Ben and All,

I am sending home this little book you can save it for me. it has all the names of the fellows in our Co. some day I will enjoy looking at it.

The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

I guess we are pulling out some time soon, probably to some other camp, altho we don’t know. Don’t let this get you excited because we don’t no for sure about moving.

Well today I go two teeth fixed, now I am good as new again. Boy! that wisdom tooth caused me plenty trouble for a week after they pulled it. Now that my mouth is ok. I got a cold and I am awfull horse, at times I can barely talk

I got a nice box of candy from Cecilia to day 2 lb box ” boy sure is good”.

Its nice and warm out has been for the last week.

I got a letter from Mrs. Miller to day she said it pretty cold there.

I am back at camp hood again they didn’t keep us there very long at Bowie

Well this is all I can think of.
So Long

“Hot dog won’t that be fun.”

Camp Hood
Nov 30

Dear Ann,

I just got back from the Dentist got my tooth fixed don’t know how long it will last it is pretty well ground away already. I still have one more to be fixed then. I have to go to the Hospital to have my wisdom tooth xrayed,  then pulled. Will do that Wed morning. “Hot dog won’t that be fun.”

Gosh its hard to settle down to the Army “way,” after my nice vacation. Sure hated to comes back this time.

I’ll bet it got colder after I left, I read in the paper where it snowed pretty hard up north.

Its even colder here now the days are still nice but the nights get a shade cool.

We get paid to day so I will send Rich his money so I don’t have to worry about it. I hate to owe anyone.

When I was in Chicago I stopped to see Ella, she and her sister were so glad to see me. Also some old man stays with Ella, before I left Ella gave me $2.00 her sister #1.00 I can’t thing of her name. Then the old man went with me to the station. He also gave me $1.00 so I didn’t do bad Eh!

I took a taxi out there then we took the Subway back.

Ella looks so much better than when she was out to your house that Sun.

She was just washing her hair when I got there she felt so bad about it. After she dried her hair she made me a little lunch.

Well we have to go out on some kind of eye test to night, will be held in black out will last till about 11:00 so I’ll soon have to start getting my duds on.

An ex-gambler helps a beautiful widow, and becomes involved with a
murder, secret agents, and saboteurs.

I went to the show last night saw “Night Mare” was a pretty good show. But the seats are all so darn hard. my “purdell” is still sore. I can’t get over how nice the seats were at the Colonial. That show on Central and Monroe.  be sure and go there some time. [Ed note: Possibly the Colony Theatre in Toledo]

I got back two hr late but they didn’t do any thing about it. The train was 4 hr late getting to Temple, instead of getting there 2:00 we got there 6:00 then we took the morning bus got here 8:00 I was glad they didn’t say anything “me was just a little worryed.” Ha.

Well, good Bye Thanks for the swell time. I had while I was there.







We haven’t done a damn thing

Hello Ann and Rich,
Got your letter today. Was here yesterday but I had to pay 3 cents to get it so I didn’t get it till today.

The pictures were pretty good. too bad some of them were sorta dark.

We haven’t done a damn thing since I got back, last night we went out and drove black out about 38 miles drove from 9:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. darker than hell, some of us got lost from the rest. then we radioed them and they were nearly in camp so we din’t lose any time getting there too. Ha. Ha.

The weather has been warm here every thing is still green.

This week the last bunch is on there furlough.

There is some talk that when they get back they will start giving us 5 more days.  So we shall wait see if they do I don’t no what I will do.

I wonder if Leslie Lowe is home yet?  Did you see him? How dose he look?

You wrote and wondered what I was doing. I’ve been to bed every night about 9:00 or 10:00 o’clock. there is nothing else to do.

Oh! I forgot last Fri night they had a convoy to go to Gatesville, anybody that wanted to go to a high school football game could go price 25 cents so I went. About 100 or more went. The game wasn’t too good.

Its bed time so good bye