The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

Dec 16, 1942

Dear Ben and All,

I am sending home this little book you can save it for me. it has all the names of the fellows in our Co. some day I will enjoy looking at it.

The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

I guess we are pulling out some time soon, probably to some other camp, altho we don’t know. Don’t let this get you excited because we don’t no for sure about moving.

Well today I go two teeth fixed, now I am good as new again. Boy! that wisdom tooth caused me plenty trouble for a week after they pulled it. Now that my mouth is ok. I got a cold and I am awfull horse, at times I can barely talk

I got a nice box of candy from Cecilia to day 2 lb box ” boy sure is good”.

Its nice and warm out has been for the last week.

I got a letter from Mrs. Miller to day she said it pretty cold there.

I am back at camp hood again they didn’t keep us there very long at Bowie

Well this is all I can think of.
So Long

“Hot dog won’t that be fun.”

Camp Hood
Nov 30

Dear Ann,

I just got back from the Dentist got my tooth fixed don’t know how long it will last it is pretty well ground away already. I still have one more to be fixed then. I have to go to the Hospital to have my wisdom tooth xrayed,  then pulled. Will do that Wed morning. “Hot dog won’t that be fun.”

Gosh its hard to settle down to the Army “way,” after my nice vacation. Sure hated to comes back this time.

I’ll bet it got colder after I left, I read in the paper where it snowed pretty hard up north.

Its even colder here now the days are still nice but the nights get a shade cool.

We get paid to day so I will send Rich his money so I don’t have to worry about it. I hate to owe anyone.

When I was in Chicago I stopped to see Ella, she and her sister were so glad to see me. Also some old man stays with Ella, before I left Ella gave me $2.00 her sister #1.00 I can’t thing of her name. Then the old man went with me to the station. He also gave me $1.00 so I didn’t do bad Eh!

I took a taxi out there then we took the Subway back.

Ella looks so much better than when she was out to your house that Sun.

She was just washing her hair when I got there she felt so bad about it. After she dried her hair she made me a little lunch.

Well we have to go out on some kind of eye test to night, will be held in black out will last till about 11:00 so I’ll soon have to start getting my duds on.

An ex-gambler helps a beautiful widow, and becomes involved with a
murder, secret agents, and saboteurs.

I went to the show last night saw “Night Mare” was a pretty good show. But the seats are all so darn hard. my “purdell” is still sore. I can’t get over how nice the seats were at the Colonial. That show on Central and Monroe.  be sure and go there some time. [Ed note: Possibly the Colony Theatre in Toledo]

I got back two hr late but they didn’t do any thing about it. The train was 4 hr late getting to Temple, instead of getting there 2:00 we got there 6:00 then we took the morning bus got here 8:00 I was glad they didn’t say anything “me was just a little worryed.” Ha.

Well, good Bye Thanks for the swell time. I had while I was there.







We haven’t done a damn thing

Hello Ann and Rich,
Got your letter today. Was here yesterday but I had to pay 3 cents to get it so I didn’t get it till today.

The pictures were pretty good. too bad some of them were sorta dark.

We haven’t done a damn thing since I got back, last night we went out and drove black out about 38 miles drove from 9:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. darker than hell, some of us got lost from the rest. then we radioed them and they were nearly in camp so we din’t lose any time getting there too. Ha. Ha.

The weather has been warm here every thing is still green.

This week the last bunch is on there furlough.

There is some talk that when they get back they will start giving us 5 more days.  So we shall wait see if they do I don’t no what I will do.

I wonder if Leslie Lowe is home yet?  Did you see him? How dose he look?

You wrote and wondered what I was doing. I’ve been to bed every night about 9:00 or 10:00 o’clock. there is nothing else to do.

Oh! I forgot last Fri night they had a convoy to go to Gatesville, anybody that wanted to go to a high school football game could go price 25 cents so I went. About 100 or more went. The game wasn’t too good.

Its bed time so good bye

Morris Camp on Reelfoot Lake

Reelfoot Lake is in Tennessee. Perhaps Felix was returning to Texas via Tennessee from a Furlough in Michigan.

but if I do come I will be home about two days

Camp Hood

October 12, 1942

Dear Ben,

How you Be? And rest of the family?

This is Mon night and I am sort tired and don’t know very much news.

I may be seeing you before long we are getting short furloughs only 5 days plus half day Sat and Sun making it 6 1/2 days, of course don’t plan too much because something could happen that I won’t come at all on such short time, but if I do come I will be home about two days.

I think I will come to Detroit with the other boys and houls be there some time this Monday sorta late I suppose. If I come I will get home some how from Detroit or where ever I get off at.

This is all I will write will tell you a lot when I get there? hope I can make it. Might get to hunt at least 1/2 a day. Eh’

Wish my car had license plates on so I could use it. Good Bye.


I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat

Camp Hood
Oct 5th

Dear Helen:

I’ll write you a few lines before we leave for a night problem. We have been having quite a few of them lately.  We have three coming up this week to night Wed night and Fri. I hate them its so awful duty here you just can’t barely see anything and we drive black out quite a bit and thats no snap.

Last week one night we stayed up all night and did eat till 2 o’clock next day, the kitchen truck got lost and couldn’t find the convoy. I got the darnest head ache. I wasn’t feeling so good I had a bad cold. but I feel better now since I got rid of my cold

I will send $10.00 home and Ben can get me fire and theft insurance on my car. I think that will be enough long as its not in use.

We had some cold whether here but no frost. I guess it don’t get too awful cold here even in the winter. Right now the weather could not be any better.

I guess I was in the news reel on one shot. I guess you can’t tell who is who that’s what a fellow said that saw it. But I was standing in the 4 half trak from the camera in the driver seat there were 12 of the same trucks right side by side and all of the 74 M.M. guns were going up at the same time.

That was a nice long letter you wrote.

good bye.

How be you to night? I be fine.

T/5 Felix E Swehla
CO B. 803 T.D. Bn
U.T.C Group “2”
Camp Hood Texas

Sept 17

Dear Ann,

How be you to night? I be fine. boy I just had a nice shower this is the third one this week.   two of us were transferred to 602 for four days its at Camp Hood at the new Barracks, they didn’t have enough 75 mm tank Destroyers half track so we had to lend two to them with drivers for the big parade tomorrow the 18th for the opening of Camp Hood.  The Secretary of War from Wash D.C. will be here to see us.

Oh by the way you better go to the show and also watch the newspaper from now on. Today there were about 10 camera men taking all kinds of different shots of us so I might be in the news reel any time now if they do have some I am the drivers of the 4th half track from the right to left through all the shots. I was the 4th one. On some I am sitting, and some standing. Of all the shots they took I should be on at least one, I hope you can read this, but I wanted to write right away so you could kinda look for it. they are still working like heck on the Barracks. the big opening is tomorrow but is really won’t be finished for a long time yet.


we are suppost to be the best battalion here in Texas

Dear Ben,

Well I better write to you so you will know I am not across yet. Maybe I made it seem as if we were going right away well things seem to blow over a little so we may even be in Texas for some time yet. Althou I do believe we will soon leave for somewhere in the U.S.A.

About the farming here in Texas there isn’t too much. about all I seen is Corn and Cotton. the corn was ripe and all driped up when we got here must have been ripe in June. They are picking cotton now when when we was at Marliou for over this Labor Day.  Erwin and I went throu a Cotton mill, saw them make Cotton meal and [unreadable] interesting so now I know all about cotton.

Gosh the house must look good. I would like to see it.

Only a month and hunting season will be here that’s when I would like to get home.

Yes I got that paper “estate” I send it back last week. 
That is too bad about the Potatoes [unreadable] I bet they will be good price this winter.

Johnny send me a clipping from some paper I had already seen it but maybe you haven’t so I will send it to you. That Kimbrell sure is a nice fellow and plenty smart. That mark I put on the clipping – well that our Co. “Co” B.  I had a hand in the shooting and every thing else it mentions. [Ed. Note: The clipping must be about Captain Gordon T. Kimbrell who designed specialized training for the Tank Destroyer units.]

This week Fri we are going to put on a demonstration for the Secretary of War right from Wash D.C. we are suppost to be the best battalion here in Texas.  Any how that’s what they tell us. Our fellows don’t believe were so hot.  But I guess we aren’t so bad. This big parade will come off the 18th on my Birthday – by the way I got my second card today this was the one from Rosella I was glad to get it from her.  The other was from a girl in Tacoma Wash.  Well this demonstration should turn out good on my birthday.

I am being send to the 893 Battalion with another driver to drive one of our Tank Destroyers for them I will be there from Tomorrow till Fri noon. I am kinda anxious to see what kind of a outfit they have.
Well good bye for this time


P.S. I had this all sealed and I opened it to tell you it is almost impossible to call here wer are too far in the sticks no telephone with in 30 miles if we should move to the Barracks then you could call.

good bye

They say we wont be here by the 15th

Camp Hood

Sept 2, 1942

Dear Ben,

I will write you a few lines to nite I don’t have any thing special to do its only 6 o’clock and I am all throu some thing strange for we really work til dark.

Well we got some news today. They say we wont be here by the 15. Don’t know where we are going. But it looks like were heading across.  Nobody knows where. But nine chance out of ten if we do go,  we will leave from N.Y.  I think our outfit will never see the Japs. But we may see lot of the German. So much for that till I find out more. You never can fine out any thing till the last minute.

They plan to do on a four day trip starting Sat at 10:00 o’clock [unreadable]to be in some sorta parade I don’t know what town it will be in. Then I guess Sunday and Monday we are supposed to get off. They said they would have two dances for us so I hope we have a good time.

I sorta figured they would give us a furlough from here but right now it looks like no dice. Unless they will get if we should go bye bye.

Johnny wrote and said Elva and Jack Low and Betty W. I also saw it in the paper. They was coming out to see Leslie and that they might stop and see me. They probably won’t find me if they do come we are so far in the sticks. Leslie must be about 300 miles or more from Camp Hood. I would like to see them tho. I hope they come before Sat. if they come. We pull out on their trip at 5:30 Sat. morning.

I got those pictures Ann send me the ones where you was thrashing they was all good. Holy smokes Johnny face looks fat. Bob. Sure to look good after his operation that wine Clint was drinking made me thristy.

Threshing time at the farm.

And that “Arlene Hehl” is nice looking too bad I can’t take her to a dance to nite. I feel like dancing its been a long while since I’ve cut a mean foot.

Well did you start plowing yet? I suppose you have.

Johnny keeps me posted pretty well he said your was fixing fence and hoeing potatoes.

Well I will have to stop and shove before it gets dark I have to shave under a small tree like you said to under the old [unreadable].

Ann said that Al come out with some sorta girl Gosh I would like to see him with some Būb͠ã did I mark that right on top with those “curls.” ha ha.

There are about 6 of us Bohemians in B Co. once a while we talk a little a couple can talk it better than I can.

Good Bye