It is about the same as Belgium, except for the flag.

Somewhere in Holland

Dear Ann,

Well it is about time I take a little time out to write to you.

It is a nice day today so nice and warm, the last two days it was raining.

I really don’t have much to write about. Except that we are in a new country.  I don’t have much to say about it because we have not been here long. and have not traveled to many miles through it yet. So far what I saw of it. It is about the same as Belgium, except for the flag. The people look alike.

Boy! Ann! Some of the homes in Belgium were so nice. So many of them have Marble floor. It may not be marble but some thing to that affect. and they keep them so shiny. and the Window (kertains) I don’t know how to spell it But I guess you know what I mean. Any way they look so nice every window.

Well how goes every thing back there. I guess school has started by this time. And if I remember right the Adrian Fair should be going strong about this time.

In your last letter you wrote about picking the pickles. I guess I haven’t had a pickle to eat since I was home. Sure made me hungry. But maybe I will get home before long and eat myself to death.

About this Ernie Pyle. Yes he was around about the same places we were maybe I even saw him. But didn’t know it was him. He was near our outfit shortly after we landed don’t know where he is now.

Well this will be all for today and if you ever feel like sending me something I could use a good pen. Maybe you could send it as a xmas present. Don’t need anything eh all we carry is just a few clothes.

I hope this fines everyone feeling up to Snuff. Your Bro Felix.

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