We haven’t done a damn thing

Hello Ann and Rich, Got your letter today. Was here yesterday but I had to pay 3 cents to get it so I didn’t get it till today. The pictures were pretty good. too bad some of them were sorta dark. We haven’t done a damn thing since I got back, last night we went Read more

Here I am in Chicago

POSTMARKED CHICAGO NOV 25 6:30 PM 1942 ILL Mrs. Richard Drodt Ida Michigan Here I am in Chicago we went like heck will leave here 8:15 did you get the shopping done. Felix Read more

Hot dog won’t that be fun.

Camp Hood Nov 30 Dear Ann, I just got back from the Dentist got my tooth fixed don’t know how long it will last it is pretty well ground away already. I still have one more to be fixed then. I have to go to the Hospital to have my wisdom tooth xrayed,  then pulled. Read more