I never saw so many people.

Postmarked Trenton N.J. Jan 12, 1943 Dear Ann, I got your letter yesterday was glad to get it. Did you see Ben since I wrote him that letter? If you have I suppose you know where, and a little of what goes on. When I was in New York I went to “Rosendale” and saw Read more

the Barracks looks like a hog pen.

Dec 21, 1942 Dear Ben and All Monday noon, just had dinner wasn’t a bad meal for a change We are still packing don’t have too much more mostly all that is left is in the supply room. Well we are heading for the big hop, about all we can find out now is we Read more

To night we are washing all of our clothes

Dec 18, 1942 Dear Ann, I’ll write you a little note for I don’t have any too much time. Well Ann our time has finally come. We have been packing for two days now. We are going bye bye and this time they say there will be a Boat ride. Will be leaving here in Read more

The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

Dec 16, 1942 Dear Ben and All, I am sending home this little book you can save it for me. it has all the names of the fellows in our Co. some day I will enjoy looking at it. The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians I guess we are pulling out some Read more

Hot dog won’t that be fun.

Camp Hood Nov 30 Dear Ann, I just got back from the Dentist got my tooth fixed don’t know how long it will last it is pretty well ground away already. I still have one more to be fixed then. I have to go to the Hospital to have my wisdom tooth xrayed,  then pulled. Read more

We haven’t done a damn thing

Hello Ann and Rich, Got your letter today. Was here yesterday but I had to pay 3 cents to get it so I didn’t get it till today. The pictures were pretty good. too bad some of them were sorta dark. We haven’t done a damn thing since I got back, last night we went Read more

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