To night we are washing all of our clothes

Dec 18, 1942

Dear Ann,

I’ll write you a little note for I don’t have any too much time.

Well Ann our time has finally come. We have been packing for two days now. We are going bye bye and this time they say there will be a Boat ride.

Will be leaving here in a few days and as far as we know are going to Brooklyn, New York and from there on your guess is as good as ours.

It was a good thing I took my furlough when I did, there were around 40 fellows that didn’t get theres, one group was all set to leave and they called them off. They sure were blue about it.

I got my picture it wasn’t too bad, I can’t hardly take it along, so I am sending to Ruth Russell.

Boy this sure is a mess we are getting all the clothes we were short, turned in most of our trucks I guess we will get different ones in N.Y.

To night we are washing all of our clothes, what a heck of a job that is.

Well this will be all for tonight, I’ll try and write as soon as I can

good bye


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