The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

Dec 16, 1942

Dear Ben and All,

I am sending home this little book you can save it for me. it has all the names of the fellows in our Co. some day I will enjoy looking at it.

The fellows with a check mark behind are Bohemians

I guess we are pulling out some time soon, probably to some other camp, altho we don’t know. Don’t let this get you excited because we don’t no for sure about moving.

Well today I go two teeth fixed, now I am good as new again. Boy! that wisdom tooth caused me plenty trouble for a week after they pulled it. Now that my mouth is ok. I got a cold and I am awfull horse, at times I can barely talk

I got a nice box of candy from Cecilia to day 2 lb box ” boy sure is good”.

Its nice and warm out has been for the last week.

I got a letter from Mrs. Miller to day she said it pretty cold there.

I am back at camp hood again they didn’t keep us there very long at Bowie

Well this is all I can think of.
So Long

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