the Barracks looks like a hog pen.

Dec 21, 1942

Dear Ben and All

Monday noon, just had dinner wasn’t a bad meal for a change
We are still packing don’t have too much more mostly all that is left is in the supply room.

Well we are heading for the big hop, about all we can find out now is we are going to New Jersey for a few days then to Brooklyn New York and then I guess its the Boat ride

We are suppose to pull out Wed morning of course that could be changed. they really haven’t set no date yet.

Boy its been raining like hell all morning sure is muddy. the Barracks looks like a hog pen.

Looks like all the xmases I spend in the army are going to be bad ones. Looks like we will be on the train that is if we leave Wed.

How is the weather back home now, is it still cold?

We got a few new men from South Carolina. They come Sat. There mouth sure dropped open when they heard we were going across. They have only been in the service 15 weeks.

Well this is all for this time will write as soon as I can.

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