I don’t know how it happened to come that we got time to play cards

VMAIL Jan 2, 1945 Bear Ben, Just a couple days ago I wrote to you but since then It came to my mine that Jan the 11the is your birthday. So I we send you this Vmail for a card. Happy Birthday! Boy its darn cold out today. I believe last night it was near Read more

the German prisoners was working in Ida at the tomato factory.

Sat Jan 14, 1945 Dear Ben + All, I don’t have much to do this afternoon So I will spend a bit of the time writing. Well what have you been doing? and how cold is it there? It is colder than heck over here especially at night the days warm up a wee bit. Read more

You see any little thing that is wrong with a person.

Jan 22, 1945 Dear Ann, About time I drop you this will be sight a line again. What goes on back in Ida + its surroundings? Everyone is the same here, We did have a big snow storm couple days ago. So now we have about eight inch of snow. It looks so pretty out Read more