the German prisoners was working in Ida at the tomato factory.

Sat Jan 14, 1945
Dear Ben + All,

I don’t have much to do this afternoon So I will spend a bit of the time writing.

Well what have you been doing? and how cold is it there? It is colder than heck over here especially at night the days warm up a wee bit.

Well you have nothing on me, Day before yesterday I took a stroll over a hill along a fence row. I was on guard at the time but this was close to my post. I clicked out a jack rabbit a big sucker. I had my carbine gun so it let him have seven rounds. He was running like a deer about the 4th round just as he was going to enter a hedge row I hit him in the hind leg. So that spoil his appetite and instead of running in the brush he turned and that give me clear shooting the seventh shot I got him though the back at about 100 yd. So being we live in a house now. I had a good chance to cook him. From the ribs I made a mulligan, and the good meat I fried Just like a cook. There is a flour mill here so I had plenty to roll him in. Boy! he was good all the fellow liked it so well. I was even surprised myself that he turned out so good.

I suppose you will spend most of the next two months in the woods.

I still did not receive a package from you. I am beginning to think the Krauts got to it first. I got all the others in good condition.

Well so you even fooled Marge and Jim. Must be you made a good Santa. Ha. What did you tell them? Ann said you did a good job. So I guess you have the job cinched for the next few years.

I have been writing nearly every day since we started living in the house. I am pretty well up on it now. So now I keep looking for mail so I have some thing to read.

I might have my pictures in the Yank Magazine again. We just had it taken. So now every week I will be looking to see if it comes out.

Are you selling any potatoes? What is the price this year?

There is not any new news about the war. Still the same the German going slowly backwards.

By the way I saw in the Monroe paper where the German prisoners was working in Ida at the tomato factory. Did you see any of them? Boy they certainly get a brake. to be in the states where its so quiet and peaceful. Wish I was there.

Guess I will close and poke the fire up it is getting cold in here.

Good Bye Bro Feliz

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