You see any little thing that is wrong with a person.

Jan 22, 1945
Dear Ann,
About time I drop you this will be sight a line again. What goes on back in Ida + its surroundings? Everyone is the same here, We did have a big snow storm couple days ago. So now we have about eight inch of snow. It looks so pretty out doors.

You see I am an inside man now. I am in a hospital taking treatments for my shoulders. They were causing me quite a bit of trouble. Mostly on account of living in such terrible weather. You see any little thing that is wrong with a person. They usually put you in a hospital. That is the only place where a person can get rest and also taken care of.

Boy! Ann it is so nice in here, the bed, sheets, blankets and clothes are all new. “Swell Eh!” Ah! Yes! my nurse is bohemian. She is from Neb. Every now and then we speak off a few words. She is kinda nice.

One nice thing I don’t have to stay in bed. So yesterday they had a show “Till we meet again.” I sent to see it, didn’t care so much for the start of it but about the middle got good enough to look at.

We have a radio here in the Red cross so I keep up on the news. Boy! I hope Russians keep going like they are now. Then maybe the end of this will be in sight before too long.

Now that I am away from our Bn. my mail will be screwed up for a long time. Already now I did not get any for a week. Some of the fellows that have been to hospital before tell me that they did not, get any mail for couple of months. I have no idea how long I will be here, address You can still write to my same address I will probably get it just about as quick.

The Sun is out today the Snow looks so nice. Should be a good day for hunting. Did you read the letter I sent Ben? About that Jack Rabbit I shot? Boy! that was fun.

This is all I can think of for now. so I will sign off Station F.E.S. closing till a later date.

Felix's hospital admission report
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