the German prisoners was working in Ida at the tomato factory.

Sat Jan 14, 1945 Dear Ben + All, I don’t have much to do this afternoon So I will spend a bit of the time writing. Well what have you been doing? and how cold is it there? It is colder than heck over here especially at night the days warm up a wee bit. Read more


Dec 31, 1944 Dear Ben, Helen and children. Will write you one more letter this year. Only eight more hours before the year of 1945, So if this war ends in 1944 it better hurry, kinda looks like it won’t. But my guess it will be over before June. That is the latest it may Read more

Fresh milk. Hot Dog.

Tue Aug 8, 1944 Dear Ben + Helen I finished cleaning up the big job that I drive, so now I will spend about a hour or so writing. Boy! it sure is a swell day. I would say the temperature is about 70 or 75 it seems to stay about that most of the Read more

I sleep in a real bed!

May 30, 1944 Dear Ann, Will start writing you this letter before supper. It is raining out, rained rather hard for here it usually rains sorta easy. It was almost hot the last two days, the hottest this summer, now since it started to rain, it cooled off a little. I had a 24 hour Read more

I built two little benches to sit on

Dear Ann, Will drop you this sheet to let you know I am ok. Hope you are well. Again today it was such a nice day like Spring. The nights are cold. About a week ago we had to move. I used to live down on the first floor now I live on the third Read more