Soon will be potato planting time

June 9, 1944 Dear Ben, Helen + All Will drop you a letter to let you know what I am okay. Hope all of you are in fine health. Well how are you getting along with your work? Did the weather settle down so you can catch up a little. Soon will be potato planting Read more

I sleep in a real bed!

May 30, 1944 Dear Ann, Will start writing you this letter before supper. It is raining out, rained rather hard for here it usually rains sorta easy. It was almost hot the last two days, the hottest this summer, now since it started to rain, it cooled off a little. I had a 24 hour Read more

Boy! O Boy they went inspection crazy again last week.

May 21, 1944 Dear Ben + All Haven’t wrote to you for some time. So I will do it this Sunday morning. I got up about one hour ago too late for breakfast so I washed a pair of overalls and leggings now I am waiting for dinner I am hungry as heck. Certainly would Read more

I was so darn dry all day

VMAIL May 10, 1944 Dear Ann, Here is a line to let you know I am ok. Hope every body back home is too. So Fred’s is taking care of Carl’s baby? I was wondering who was taking care of it. I wonder if Carl will ever get married again? Boy! I am tired. To Read more

the peanuts were gone the first day

VMAIL May 3, 1944 Dear Ann, Will drop you a line before I go to work this morning. It is now 9:30 we start to work at 8:00. I received the package in good condition, thanks a lot for it the peanuts were gone the first day. Frank and I even took some to a Read more

I am so full of dried eggs they stick out of my ears.

VMAIL April 26, 1944 Dear Ben, No time better than this morning to answer your letter. We have the day off about time we haven’t had a day off a long time even worked the last two Sundays. I bet your kitchen looks good all painted. Who did the painting? Boy! It is a beautiful Read more

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