I sleep in a real bed!

May 30, 1944
Dear Ann,
Will start writing you this letter before supper.
It is raining out, rained rather hard for here it usually rains sorta easy. It was almost hot the last two days, the hottest this summer, now since it started to rain, it cooled off a little.

I had a 24 hour pass from yesterday noon. Stayed right here in this town and do you know what I sleep in a real bed! Frank Scelzi and I know these people real well so they invited us to stay over night so we did. Boy! I really enjoyed my sleep in a nice soft bed. They invite us over to eat often although they don’t have too much, on account of ration, But what they have is good. “Good Tea!”

Funny I even like tea. The English make it darn good

This couple is about 35 years old have no children they run a pub, that is where we do most of our Beer drinking.

Last Sunday they took us to the beach with them along with three other girls and a fellow from the English air force. We took pictures out there I am sending them to you in another envelope. Boy you will laugh your head off when you see them. By the way I guess I didn’t tell you but about dozen of us had our hair all cut off. I think I will remind you of Tarzan. Frank Scelzi with his chest sticking out we nearly laughed our eyes out when we saw them.

Felix on far left with the gang on beach.

I will send some of the old pictures home I am getting a little too many to pack around.
We Left New York the Mon on the [CENSOR CUT OUT]

Yes that was my mistake, if I wrote tooth powder instead of shaving cream. I still have some good cream so I am not suffering.

Oh yes, last Sunday when we went to the beach we went by bicycle about 10 miles one way.

Well is is supper time so I will sign off.
Your Bro Felix (over)

P.S. Now that I wrote this letter on one side of the sheet They say we can write on both sides. So I will scribble a little more to make use of it.
[CENSOR CUT OUT] pay day we already got paid so now we get the day off pretty good. Eh! I probably won’t do much just rest up.

I got a letter from Lucille and Mrs. Everetta Collins today. Syl always tells me so much news from around Petersburg.
good bye

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