Boy! O Boy they went inspection crazy again last week.

May 21, 1944
Dear Ben + All
Haven’t wrote to you for some time. So I will do it this Sunday morning.

I got up about one hour ago too late for breakfast so I washed a pair of overalls and leggings now I am waiting for dinner I am hungry as heck.
Certainly would have enjoyed eating the mushrooms with you. You certainly are lucky to get little snacks to eat. All we get is the same stuff day after day. I sure get tired of it.

We have plenty of day light. Stays light till 11:00 P.M. I don’t like it very well makes too much day they could work the hell out of us if they wanted to.

We had a Beer bust Fri night. The last time we was on the range shooting the big guns the boys did very good so the Major got four barracks of beer for “B” and “C” Co. It didn’t last long. Some heavy drinkers joined this Army.

The weather is rather nice it doesn’t get so very hot nice to work in. I suppose by now you had some hot days. I hope you have all the potatoes sold by now. That certainly surprised me that they go so slow must be there was a bumper crop last fall. How many are you planting this spring?

Boy! O Boy they went inspection crazy again last week. We nearly had to polish the floor and this is such a old building it is almost impossible . Our beds had to be just right not a wrinkle in the blanket boy what a job that is with the straw mattress they even had a flashlight to look under beds. Here we are suppose to be fighting men and we had to put up with that stuff.

I am send home a few pictures. Have to send the small size. they say they don’t have the paper to make the large size.

I have a little cold, had to work in a rain the other day, so I picked it up.

Well its nearly dinner time so I will wash up. I had my hair cut real short last night it feels so good. ha.

Well until next time I will say good bye. Your Bro. Felix

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