I was so darn dry all day

May 10, 1944
Dear Ann,
Here is a line to let you know I am ok. Hope every body back home is too.

So Fred’s is taking care of Carl’s baby? I was wondering who was taking care of it. I wonder if Carl will ever get married again?

Boy! I am tired. To nite last night I went for a long bicycle ride with a Land army girl we went about 20 miles and to day I worked pretty hard getting my junk in running condition. But tired as I am think I will change clothes and go get a beer or two I was so darn dry all day.

It was quite warm today. It stays light till 11:00 o’clock now. I don’t like it no how makes the night too darn short. If I go to bed early the sun is still up the only thing it helps is black out driving.

How is Rammy and wife getting along? Tell him I said Hello As ever your Bro Felix

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