I suppose you are busy with the corn.

Nov 6, 1944 Dear Ben + All: Just now finished reading your Vmail so before I go to bed I will scratch off a few lines to you. Glad that all of you keep well. I am still all in one hunk and feel just fine. By the way you mentioned getting one of my Read more

Boy! O Boy they went inspection crazy again last week.

May 21, 1944 Dear Ben + All Haven’t wrote to you for some time. So I will do it this Sunday morning. I got up about one hour ago too late for breakfast so I washed a pair of overalls and leggings now I am waiting for dinner I am hungry as heck. Certainly would Read more

pubs close up as soon as they are out

Dear Ann. Will send you card so I don’t have to write so much. Got your letter today. Yes Beer is ration rather the pubs close up soon as they sell out. Felix Read more

we are doing about the same thing we did back in the States.

VMAIL  T/5 Felix E. Swehla 36129326 Co B. 803 T.D. Bn A.P.O. 645 c/o Postmaster New York. NY July 25, 1943 TIMESTAMPED JULY 26, 1943 Dear Ann and all – I am taking it easy this Sun after – noon. Now I want to write about three letters. How is everything at home? we are Read more

A couple of us just come back from having a cup of tea

Dear Ben + All How is everyone back home? I am feeling fine. The weather is about the same maybe a little cooler. Has been raining a little nearly every day. I got a birthday card from Sylvia and Thelma on my birthday. – no it wasn’t either. I got them on Monday I suppose Read more

Beer was good but the cigarettes were terrible.

July 14th Dear Annie, I guess I better answer your letter to nite. Its raining out so its a good time to write, if I finish this in time I will write to Harold Gertner I got a letter from him the other day from Australia. I sent him a letter Jan 27th he got Read more