I suppose you are busy with the corn.

Nov 6, 1944

Dear Ben + All:

Just now finished reading your Vmail so before I go to bed I will scratch off a few lines to you.

Glad that all of you keep well. I am still all in one hunk and feel just fine.

By the way you mentioned getting one of my checks. How many did you get? I don’t even know how many I had send home. I guess it dose not make any different. i know you will take care of it for me. When you get one of my checks near or before Christmas. I want you to take about $15.00 and buy the kids and Helen and you anything you need. I usually try and send one home every other month. The other I put in the Army saving deposits.

Boy you did have good luck to get two pheasants the opening day. Boy! I’ll bet they were good. I can almost smell them cooking as I write this. I wonder if you hit any with that automatic.

Well things are still running the same. Right now we are back in Belgium for a rest. We sure had a rough time of it through the Siegfried line. We are having a nice rest. See quite a few picture shows. Aslo saw one U.S.O. Show, was good too. I hope we stay back here for duration.

I suppose you are busy with the corn. I hope you have lots of it. I wish i was home so I could take a stroll through your farm and check on different things. Ha. Ha.

The weather is still damp and plenty of rain. But so far it has not froze. plenty darn cool in the morning.

Tell Art I said hello. And ask him if they run out of ink in Petersburg. Ha.

Oh! yes., while back here on rest the Company got us 10 kegs of beer it tastes good but this Belgium beer is only 1% not much kick. The wine is good if you can fine it not too much up this way. Well this is from your bro Felix. Write Soon.

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