The election is over and I voted for the man that won.

Nov 20, 1944

Dear Ben,

I recieved your V-mail the 19th that was yesterday. you wrote it the 1st, took nearly three weeks to get here. 

Ha! ha! So now you use 20 gauge shells in the 16 guage. Ha. Too bad I wasn’t there I would have rubbed it in. Boy! would “Al” have got a kick out of that you never would have heard the end of it. Probably would have cost you drink. Yep! too bad I wasn’t there maybe I could have best you in baging the game for a change.

I was glad you mentioned about the pictures. That Frank Scelzi Sister sent home for me. Frank got a letter from her saying she got such a nice letter from my sister – law. Only she felt so funny when she found out you was my Bro instead of my father. This Frank is nice kid. He is our gunner. So next time you write put something nice about his Sister in the letter then I will show it to him. He showed me the paragraph she write about Helen’s letter. 

I am ok. Have cold now and then on account of the damp weather. Also my Shoulder gives me trouble I guess I have rumitishism, any how at night it pains like heck.

The election is over and I voted for the man that won. Most of us figure that he was in when it started and now he knows how thinks stand so why change. maybe he will get us out quicker (I hope)

Well Thur will be Thanksgiving. then soon Christmas will follow. I should start getting some of my package before long nearly everybody that writes says I have one on the way.

Did I tell you we had about two inch of snow for a couple of days now its gone. But to nite it looks like it might snow again. it is raining now. 

I hope this fines you ok. And I am wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

 We are supposed to have Turkey. But I wonder? From your Bro. Felix

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