Things are about the same over here plenty darn rough.

Dec 2 1944
Dear Ann;
I put off writing to you thinking I would get my pen or some sort of package from you. But so far nothing has come. When it did come I was going to answer right away. That I received it. But now I decided to write so now I suppose as soon as I mail this. I will get it.

Things are about the same over here plenty darn rough.

I will send you a Stars and Stripes paper on of these days. Lately all the news was about the other armies, So when some good news is in about our army I will try and send it to you.

By the way that was my mistake about your Middle initial I don’t know how I happened to give you that one maybe I wrote after one of our exciting days I will put the correct one on this time. “Hope you understand.”

Well! Well. So Lucille will probably be your Neighbor yet. With a Ida address. Well she is getting one Swell guy. I hope she don’t muff this deal up.

I guess this war will have to hurry up. about time I start looking for some Squaw. How the heck do you spell that? I guess you will know. Gosh this war is making me bald headed and gray hair when I get home you won’t even know me. Beside who will want to marry a old foggie like me. ha. ha.

Gosh that certainly was a shock to here about Jack Winters. Some how I just can’t get over it. Cora wrote and said he died but didn’t say what was the matter with him. then I got your letter. If you ever see Mary give her my sympathy. I may drop her a line. But it is so hard to fine time to write and beside the weather is usually so bad.

I wonder if Rammy got a Deer this year? I guess Ben did not go this year any how he did not mention any thing about going.

I am send you a 803 Xmas greeting if I don’t send the rest one tell them not to feel hurt. I will try to send a few more. only we don’t have many.
From your Bro Felix

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