the German prisoners was working in Ida at the tomato factory.

Sat Jan 14, 1945 Dear Ben + All, I don’t have much to do this afternoon So I will spend a bit of the time writing. Well what have you been doing? and how cold is it there? It is colder than heck over here especially at night the days warm up a wee bit. Read more

Things are about the same over here plenty darn rough.

Dec 2 1944 Germany Dear Ann; I put off writing to you thinking I would get my pen or some sort of package from you. But so far nothing has come. When it did come I was going to answer right away. That I received it. But now I decided to write so now I Read more

The election is over and I voted for the man that won.

Nov 20, 1944 Dear Ben, I recieved your V-mail the 19th that was yesterday. you wrote it the 1st, took nearly three weeks to get here.  Ha! ha! So now you use 20 gauge shells in the 16 guage. Ha. Too bad I wasn’t there I would have rubbed it in. Boy! would “Al” have Read more

I suppose you are busy with the corn.

Nov 6, 1944 Dear Ben + All: Just now finished reading your Vmail so before I go to bed I will scratch off a few lines to you. Glad that all of you keep well. I am still all in one hunk and feel just fine. By the way you mentioned getting one of my Read more

I am celebrating my third year in the army by writing.

VMAIL Oct 9, 1944 Dear Ben, This is Monday afternoon Oct the 9th. I am celebrating my third year in the army by writing. Gosh when I left home who would have believed that I would be in the service three years and still plugging along. At this time I am at the Ord getting Read more

I sure will be glad when I can look for Rabbits instead of Germans.

Oct 5, 1944 Dear Ann,  I have nothing much to do this morning so I will try and catch up on some of my writing. Gosh seems like I am way behind. I haven’t been writing much lately one reason the weather was bad and it is a little hard to sit in the cold Read more