I sure will be glad when I can look for Rabbits instead of Germans.

Oct 5, 1944

Dear Ann, 

I have nothing much to do this morning so I will try and catch up on some of my writing. Gosh seems like I am way behind. I haven’t been writing much lately one reason the weather was bad and it is a little hard to sit in the cold and dampness and write.

There still is not any new news. There will not be any good news until this is over. And when that will be nobody knows at times it looks like it will be over soon then again it might take a few months yet. We are hoping it will be soon. It is not too pleasent job in weather like this. 

Well the World Series is on. The first game was played yesterday. I just heard that the St. Louis Browns won the first game. I sure hope they win the Series. Boy I sure would like to see a game. Are you going to see any football games this year? 

Only ten more days before hunting season. Are any of the boys going to do any shooting this year? I suppose Rich will sneak out on the Railroad track and try his luck. If any of them want to use my gun, it is ok with me. As long as they clean it good when the season is over. I sure will be glad when I can look for Rabbits instead of Germans.

This darn pen I borrowed isn’t worth a darn. I wonder if you will be able to make this fancy writing out.

Boy I bet Cec will be glad when they move in their new house. He always write about it. Guess I will have to stay there a few days when I get home.

Last week we got to see a few shots. But this week we had excitement with out going to a show. Those darn german’s are playing a rough game even tho they know they are licked.

Well, this pen is giving out so good by for now.

Your Bro Felix

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