Make’s me think of hunting season.

Sept 28, 1944

Dear Helen and Ben

It is a nice cool damp morning. Make’s me think of hunting season. Gosh only a few more days and you will go out to see what luck you have. I wish I could go with you. Have you had the dog out any? How does she work?

Boy!  The Detroit Tiger’s are sure playing good ball the last part of the season. By today’s paper it loos like they will end up on top! (I hope so) I Certainly could enjoy seeing a game. 

I suppose you are cutting corn and maybe planting wheat. or maybe you have the wheat in by now. Soon will be potato digging time, I would like to help you. It would be a change. I am getting very tired of this over here.

The weather is cooling off somewhat, but it is not too bad. Today is a very nice day. 

I wonder if Les will go hunting now that he has a gun. I hop he can hit some thing. Boy! I’ll bet he would be tickled.

Lately I have been getting all of my back papers I guess they are pretty well up to date now. They usually come about a month late and I have already received the ? of any papers. The news is rather old but I enjoy reading it we don’t have too much to read.

I should get some letters about tonight I did not get any now for about two weeks. 

I don’t have much to write about so I will bring this to an end, and I will clean up for supper. Golly I wish I could eat with you. I am getting so darn tired of this food.

From your Bro.


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