I suppose you are busy with the corn.

Nov 6, 1944 Dear Ben + All: Just now finished reading your Vmail so before I go to bed I will scratch off a few lines to you. Glad that all of you keep well. I am still all in one hunk and feel just fine. By the way you mentioned getting one of my Read more

Make’s me think of hunting season.

Sept 28, 1944 Dear Helen and Ben It is a nice cool damp morning. Make’s me think of hunting season. Gosh only a few more days and you will go out to see what luck you have. I wish I could go with you. Have you had the dog out any? How does she work? Read more

People living in the town waving at us throwing kisses

Fri 18 1944 Dear Ben + All Once again I get my pen out to scribble you for a few lines. I hear some bombers coming over here. I certainly like to hear them. The air force has certainly did its deed in this war. I wish you could see the sight we saw yesterday Read more

Fresh milk. Hot Dog.

Tue Aug 8, 1944 Dear Ben + Helen I finished cleaning up the big job that I drive, so now I will spend about a hour or so writing. Boy! it sure is a swell day. I would say the temperature is about 70 or 75 it seems to stay about that most of the Read more

Had fish, beans, lettuce, chocolate pudding, coffee.

Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan England Aug 26, 1943 Dear Ann, Will write you a few lines before I go to bed. Might not finish I am tired to night. How is everything at home? Things have been going smooth with us. It is rainy tonight, we have been getting quite a lot of rain the Read more

farmers are busy cutting wheat and oats

Aug 8, 1943 Dear Ben + All. How is every one at home, Everything is right up to snuff with me. I received your letter the other day the one with the picture of the kids. It is a nice picture of the kids. It is a nice picture Jim looks pretty big the summer Read more

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