People living in the town waving at us throwing kisses

Fri 18 1944

Dear Ben + All

Once again I get my pen out to scribble you for a few lines.

I hear some bombers coming over here. I certainly like to hear them. The air force has certainly did its deed in this war. I wish you could see the sight we saw yesterday while moving from one area to another. [The distance] about like from home to Toledo. There is trucks, tanks, half tracks, and any thing else the germans had that run most of them are accounted for by the air corp.

The scenery was so nice on this move one would hardly believe there could be so much difference. The army moved the Krauts back so fast, Leaving the country almost untouched. The small towns are in good shape very few buildings shot down. People living in the town waving at us throwing kisses and shaking hands with us when possible or giving us a drink of cider. They like our candy gum, tobacco. So we give them all our odd and ends. We usually have a lot saved up for trips like that, then we throw it to the kids. Boy! They scramble to get stuff we throw out.

The people are doing more harvesting up this way. So far the only way I saw them cut grain is with a mowing machine with a binder behind the blade. Like they have a back how for cutting hay for seed. Two men ride the mower one driving the horses the other runs the binder he tripe it when there is about a bundle on it. Has sorta of a rake affair he uses to help push the bundle off. Behind this are men Women girls and boys tying the bundle and setting them up. They have to keep up so the mower can go around again, not running over the grain. I even helped set up about half dozen bundles of oats the other day. We all wish we could talk French its darn hard to get along not understanding a word they say.

Boy they Skampo kids will have a nice sum of money to start on. Al sure had plenty Didn’t he?

I was surprised to hear Mary Foley was going to South America. I didn’t even know she was married. If I did I had forgotten through all my excitement.

Soon will be school time again, I suppose Margie and Jimmie will be strolling down the road I guess you will have to get Jim a bicycle wish I could send him one the Germans left behind. Some are all shot up then again some are in good shape. They would be good for riding to school.

Well I am going over to see one of the boys to see if he will cut my hair. What are you doing these days? Is the thrashing all done?

How are the tomatoes coming are they ripe yet?

Oh yes yesterday I found a nest of four eggs. Boy did I have a feast. Any time we park near some buildings that is one thing we don’t mind looking for.

Until next time. I will sign my name as always. Felix

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