Both are a lot stronger than our Whiskey.

Aug 16, 1944

Dear Ann

I can not remember to who I wrote last. Ben or you. I usually rotate the letters. But looking through my back mail I found a V-Mail and a Air mail from you, and only a V-Mail from Helen, So I will write to you then in a couple days I will try and write to Ben + Helen.

Darn it anyhow I am sitting under a tree. It rained last night and is still foggy out. Every now and then a big drop of water drops on this paper. So don’t think nothing of it.

I have been getting all of your letters lately although when we first got here I guess I didn’t  get all of them from you because I heard from nearly everyone but you. then finely yours came.

You know that name of that town I wrote to you about. Well we aren’t suppose to mention any names, I really didn’t know it at the time, so I put it in the letter. What made me put it in at that time we was quite a good way from there. But then we came back to take it. If you get a York Magazine you will see a picture of my Vehicle parked in that town. Boy that was one awful place to be. But since then we have it much easier thank god. That is the same picture I wrote about that was in the New York Times.

You are right we are under the General’s name that you mentioned.

Yes there are five of us in one crew.

Last week it was pretty hot nearly all week. Today after the rain it cooled off a bit every think is so nice and fresh.

Sat nite the Red Cross came to our area for the first time, So we had coffee and doughnuts. If that is not spelled right. Its those things with a round hole in the center. Ha. They was darn good eating. One of the Red Cross girls was from Grand Rapids Mich there were three of them and she was best looking. Boy! You can’t beat Michigan.

We found some more eggs yesterday I think that could about eight. But I missed out on them, I had work to do. So next time I will have to watch my step can’t miss out too offend. ha.

Boy I would like to Rich a drink of some of the Cognac that we fine in the houses. By golly its strong. Can’t hardly swallow it. It is made from cider, boiling it down. Wait  I believe I have the wrong Cognac is made from Grades (Calvodous) is made from the cider by boiling. Both are a lot stronger than our Whiskey.

Its kinda funny even the heavy drinkers in the outfit don’t drink too much of it. Only now and then one gets lit up on it.

Well I will say good bye for this time.

Keep everything under control. Tell even I said Hello. Clint , Vera, Walk Etc

Ar wer Felix

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