Fresh milk. Hot Dog.

Tue Aug 8, 1944

Dear Ben + Helen

I finished cleaning up the big job that I drive, so now I will spend about a hour or so writing.

Boy! it sure is a swell day. I would say the temperature is about 70 or 75 it seems to stay about that most of the time. It certainly is ideal weather.

At night we usually sleep in a fox hole as deep as we feel like digging. In some we go deeper depending how dangerous it is. We only use one blanket or so and keep fairly warm.The other day we found some hay to put in the bottom. Boy! I Boy! it was just like sleeping on a mattress. We only stayed in that area one night boy that sure made me mad.

About the people that run off. That is a mystery to me also some stay close by, others I don’t know where they go. But shortly after the shooting is over here they come to look over these banged up building.

I feel sorry for them, but one can’t trust the French too  much, as the Germans was here about four year and I guess some of the French didn’t know who to stick up for.

But now I believe they think more of us then couple months ago. Yes the people leave everything behind except a very little clothing and food. The Germans take their share before they retreat. We have milked several of the cows in our canteen cup. (Fresh milk. Hot Dog.)

Gosh but that is a good price you got for early potatoes too bad you can not have about 500 lbs at least.

The Wheat and Oats crop is ripe. But I guess it will go to waste. Nobody is harvesting any of it beside we drive over about half of the fields. It is too bad too because the crops look plenty of good. I saw only one field where they started to cut. They must cut it by hand, any how the shocks look like this about 20 inch wide on the bottom round of course, then about three lengths of the straw high. About six feet or so comes to nearly a point on top with the butts up and not a head showing. I saw this from the road as were driving by some day if we should stop near a field I will get out and see just how they did it.

There is a fellow here from New York his mother send him a clipping from the New York Times.

This may sound kinda funny because we are not allow to mention any name of towns or what we do but we can write it the round about way.

Allied drive smashing ahead in two sectors on the normandy front. (1944, Jul 22). New York Times

Any how this clipping was the job that I drive. It is parked in the town that Ann mentioned in the letter I received yesterday, I guess I wrote the name of that town to her some time ago and it got by the censor. Ask Ann she should know. We really had some excitement in that place since then things have been rather cool for us By the way the paper said the big job over out of running order. but they are all wet for I am still [unreadable] it. I guess we can even fool our own newspaper men. Ha. Ha. O wonder if the picture wasn’t in the Detroit News.

Sometime I wonder if you can read my writing. I isn’t so easy we have to sit any suitable place and write on any thing handy.

Well this will be all for today. Will try and write again in a week or two. Tell everybody I said hello. Expect to see a show in Berlin before long.

From you Bro Felix  

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