We certainly moved the Germans back this week


July 30, 1944

Dear Ben,

Sunday Morning it is now 10:15 Will write you this V-Mail letting you know I am ok. Will try and write a couple more While I haven’t much to do.

It is a little cloudy out today. probably will get a little rain Has been raining a little nearly every day for the past week.

Boy! that sure is a good price you got for your early potatoes.

We certainly moved the Germans back this week and I think we will keep it up seems like the country is opening up. and that is what we want. If Russia keeps up the good work and we keep on pounding them. Its bound to be over before many more days to come.

How is Helen by now. Ok I hope! Yes that is correct amount of money I sent in fact it was $20.00 in English money. Felix

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