Yes, I still live under a tree.

July 28, 1944 Somewhere in France

Dear Ann, 

Here I am again, nothing else to do but sit and wait for a hour or so. So I will start writing this letter to you. Now I suppose you are wondering what I am waiting for. It’s nothing bad, but I won’t be able to put it in this letter. “Won’t pass.” I guess you should be nearly finished threshing by now. At least the wheat. I wonder if the oats is ripe yet. It should be. 

Say! The pictures were real good. I could hardly get over how Rich looked in his civilian clothes.

Gosh, I wonder how it will feel when I crawl into a suit? Bet I will be frightened to step out. ha. All of the others are good too.

You remind me of that song “Wait for me Mary by the Garden Gates.” I believe that is the name of it.  I like the song real well. Do you?

Photo of Ann by garden gate
Ann by the garden gate.

Ben looks about the same in fact quite heavy. Plump face. ha. Cora and Helen still look good as ever. Just as they throw out a good meal. ha. Betty Lou is much bigger. Nice looking good enough to date. The kids are getting big. Jim is my favorite. I believe it is Marion she is real cute. So much for that.

Yes, I still live under a tree. We do have pup tents but very seldom use them only when it is raining. You know what a pup tent is. It is that small tent one you have to crawl in on your knees. 

I wonder what outfit Alvin Turner is in? I might run into him. But there are so many of us over here. I doubt very much that I will. 

No! Sonny Bigelow is in Italy? I heard from him about a month ago. 

Yes you are right we hack away at them, then we get a rest or a breathing spell, then go at it again.

I like the breathing spell, ha!

Well we are still sitting here in one spot and I am about finished with this letter now I am glad that I started it. I tried to answer your questions. Can’t think of much more to write. 

I just got one Monroe paper so I will read it. it is June 20th. The latest one in a long time. The others were all May papers.

Good Bye! From your Bro Felix

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