People living in the town waving at us throwing kisses

Fri 18 1944 Dear Ben + All Once again I get my pen out to scribble you for a few lines. I hear some bombers coming over here. I certainly like to hear them. The air force has certainly did its deed in this war. I wish you could see the sight we saw yesterday Read more

Both are a lot stronger than our Whiskey.

Aug 16, 1944 Dear Ann I can not remember to who I wrote last. Ben or you. I usually rotate the letters. But looking through my back mail I found a V-Mail and a Air mail from you, and only a V-Mail from Helen, So I will write to you then in a couple days Read more

That was one fourth the fire crackers was going off for keeps.

July 5, 1944 Dear Ann, By now you should have received my letters from France. I got your letter of June 6th. Today the air mail dated June 12. I probably would have got it sooner, But the last week or so we have been jumping here and there on the peninsula had a bit Read more

I am so full of dried eggs they stick out of my ears.

VMAIL April 26, 1944 Dear Ben, No time better than this morning to answer your letter. We have the day off about time we haven’t had a day off a long time even worked the last two Sundays. I bet your kitchen looks good all painted. Who did the painting? Boy! It is a beautiful Read more