Boy! I sure enjoy eating fruit.

Thur Aug 31, 1944

Dear Ann

It is now nine o’clock in the morning had Breakfast about seven o’clock. Now I just washed up and shoved. it is a little cooler this morning. Had rain for about three days. This morning the Sun in out, But it is just windy So it did not work so good shoving out in the wide open spaces.

the last letter I wrote to you was about two weeks ago. I suppose you was looking for a letter from me. We have been on the go so much it was a little difficult to find time to write. Beside we are here where the people are heavy populated. Gosh but they certainly are glad to see the “Yanks” they would do any thing for us, They throw flower, kisses, hug, us throw apples, Tomatoes almost any thing they have comes flying at us. And Boy! Ann are these French girls good looking. (ah. Boy) They keep them selves up so nice. I don’t see how they do it for what they went through. I was in couple of homes Gee but they had nice home. Had a cup of coffee. The coffee was poor made from Wheat, or Barley. They haven’t had any coffee for four years now.

We haven’t had any mail for about two weeks now, We moved to far and too fast for you Hq to keep in touch with the Army Post Office. So when we go get mail I should get quite a stack. “I hope”.

Time out we are going to move again. Finish Later.

here I am again two hours later, When through a little town first Yank’s there Boy did we ever get welcome.

Well the apples are getting ripe also , Tomatoes Pears so we are doing ok eating fruit. Boy! I sure enjoy eating fruit.

Well, how goes things back home? the people here are sure happy. After we take over. Right away they put out there French Flag and also American Flag. I think the French people are more like Americans then the English people. We run into lot of them that can speak English some speak broken and some speak it well. We certainly enjoy talking to them.

Well I don’t know when I will be able to mail this will try and catch a truck that does back to the Company to mail it for me don’t know when we go back.

From Your Bro. Felix

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