Had fish, beans, lettuce, chocolate pudding, coffee.

Mrs. Richard Drodt
Ida Michigan


Aug 26, 1943

Dear Ann,

Will write you a few lines before I go to bed. Might not finish I am tired to night.

How is everything at home? Things have been going smooth with us.

It is rainy tonight, we have been getting quite a lot of rain the last few days.

Think I will go to bed and finish this tomorrow, good nite.

Fri after supper, Had fish, beans, lettuce, chocolate pudding, coffee.

It is nice and peaceful in our hut to night most of the fellows are on guard only four of us here

certainly is nice when we are all here there is always some one cutting up, 14 fellows stay in one hut.

I got a nice Vmail letter from our Mary. I certainly was surprised.

She even writes pretty good. She said that Garnett was on her way to Wyo to see Ellis I wonder if they will make up I’ll bet they do.

It is wasn’t fo far I would send you the letter.

Well I still have a little work to do on my [censored] and have to cover it up. I guess I better get busy and do it.

Our Co. has been confined since Wed. till Sat. We got confined because one of our hut didn’t have their blackout on the windows. The guard come along told the boys to put them on, and they were playing cards, told the guard to blow it, (Bing we got it.) I didn’t care I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

Here it is Sun morning so I will finish letter about time Eh.

Say Ann did you and Ben ever get that insurance policy. I wrote Ben about me taking out more Insurance Made 5000 out to you and the same to Ben. Let me know if you get the policy.

I did most of my washing last night so I don’t have much to do this morning, except I have to try and patch a pair of overalls, our clothing is littler harder to get over here. O bet its going to be a dandy job. Ha.

I got two Monroe papers yesterday. Just finished reading them this morning.

Are you throu threshing? How was the crops this year? The farmers are so slow here I think they will be stacking and threshing for a could more months. They do things the dumest way. Some time when they drive two horses they put one ahead of the other instead of side by side. Oh well I hope they smarten up a little from me. Until next week or so I will say good bye Felix

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