farmers are busy cutting wheat and oats

Aug 8, 1943

Dear Ben + All. How is every one at home, Everything is right up to snuff with me.

I received your letter the other day the one with the picture of the kids. It is a nice picture of the kids. It is a nice picture Jim looks pretty big the summer must be his delite being out in the fresh air and trying to help you.

Well the farmers are busy cutting wheat and oats.

Yesterday when we went on a little tour at two places I saw them threshing, they have the old fashion threshing rigs. The type that pumps it out and dose not cut the straw up. The straw instead of being blown onto the stack is carryed up by conveyor then there are three or four men stacking it.

The binders are like ours back home they pull them with tractors, the tractors are little older make then ours but they seem to get around.

I seen all this is a valley where the farms are much larger then the ones I wrote about before. I heard say that the wheat will go 50 or 60 bu per acre. The oats by my judgement should easy hit the 100 bu per.

Yes to a certain extent the people live in villages there are some farm homes but not too many. Seem like one farm owns a large track of land then everybody works for him.

Well I was to London last week I had a nice time saw lots of things I will never forget. The taxi cabs took the cake. Wish you could see the old fashion things.

Well this will be all for this time about all I can think of.

Do you ever look to see if my car is still there? Ha.

I am going to the Red Cross dance it has started allready I can here the music. the Red Cross treats us pretty good here, on the boat they some odd stuff like soap, gum ect. They even come out to camp one day and gave us [doe-mite?] and coffee.

Thanks for the money I don’t have to return to you.

Good bye for today.


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