the censor would only cut it out or scratch it out


Aug 3, 1943

Dear Ann and All.

I receive your letter yesterday Aug “2”nd.

I was glad to hear from you, that was the first letter I received here, that is to my new A.P.O. All the mail I have been getting was June mail or first part of July. One day I got your letter mailed July 16. The next day I got one from you dated July 8 so you see it doesn’t come very regular.

Oh yes couple days ago I got a letter from Ben sent to Camp Hood

it was a Valentine and letter “little late Eh!”

Yesterday I got 16 of my papers 14 Monroe and two Petersburg some were real old. But I am enjoying them.

We are doing about the same things as we did back in the states.

No it didn’t take us so very long to get here. Can’t tell you the days, they would just cut it out.

There are things I would like to write but there isn’t any need the censor would only cut it out or scratch it out. Oh well you can plan on me having plenty to talk about when I get home.

The farmers just started to cut wheat the crop is very good.

The weather here has been pretty nice lately lot better than when we first got here.

I got a letter from Sonny Biglow and Lucille to day. I want to write to Sonny yet to night, he is still in N. Africa.

We get a small daily paper consist of two small sheets. But has the very latest news, cost two shillings a month or 40¢ so we change off buying it this month its my turn.

Soon I will get a 48 hour pass I am planing on going to London.

Sat we got a radio for our day room also that phonograph attachment some like Uncle Frank’s. Boy it sure was swell to here music after not hearing any for over a month.

I go to the dance’s every now and then the girls dance fairly well. Its no so bad in England. But surely there is no place like the U.S.A.

Well I want to write to Sonny to let him know where I am he thinks I am still in Pine Camp (over)

I still have to shave, take a shower then crawl on straw mattress, the other day I had to refill it with dry grass as it was getting pretty hard.

Well I will sign off for to-night, will try and write in about a week, either to you or Ben. So until then I will say good bye.


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