And the Sigrid line was very rough.

Oct 26, 1944


Dear Ann,

This week I received about five or six letters from you. They must have been laid up. then all at once. they all come. I was glad to get them, and hope that your cold is better by now. I also had a little cold last week. But I am over it now. 

The weather is swell for colds. Over here Rain and more rain and plenty damp. Its a wonder we don’t have more colds. But we stay pretty well. 

Well another country has been added to my list. I guess this will be the last one. We are making a mess of it and it is darn rough going. But we are driving them out of the tough section. And the Sigrid line was very rough. I think they learned them a lesson in Aachen, we could see the city in flame from a distance.

The few German people left behind seem pretty nice and rather glad to see us, they say they hate Hitler some time I wonder if they do. But I guess they are sick and tired of his bull. They tell us to (Coput) him which mean to kill him.

There German homes are wonderful on the inside most of them have real nice furniture right up to date they seem to have everything. after all I guess they should have they been taking it away from other countries for four years now. 

Some of the nice homes don’t look so good after we shoot them up and also the Germans shoot there own homes now. It will take years and years to rebuild these countries.

So you had a hard time finding a pen. If I would have knew that it would cause you that much trouble I would not have mentioned it. 

I took another step. I am now a T/4 or Sgt. Still have the same job only get more money. I think a Sgt gets $93.00 per month plus 5% for being in the service three years. I will close for tonite. with love Felix

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