Soon will be potato planting time

June 9, 1944

Dear Ben, Helen + All

Will drop you a letter to let you know what I am okay. Hope all of you are in fine health.

Well how are you getting along with your work? Did the weather settle down so you can catch up a little.

Soon will be potato planting time. how many are you planting this year? Did you sell all of the old potatoes. Seems darn funny how slow they went.

I wonder if Ann go the pictures yet? Did you see them. My self I think I look like Tarzan.

I am sending some more pictures, after you have a look at them you can save them for me. Don’t know if I can get them in one envelope or not.

It has grown a little colder, after having warm weather for couple weeks.

So Jimmy is starting school along along with Margie.

Gosh he sure must be growing. Won’t be long before he will be a big help to you. I’ll bet he already tries to lend to hand.

This will be all for this time. Good bye from you Bro Felix

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