Dec 31, 1944
Dear Ben, Helen and children.

Will write you one more letter this year. Only eight more hours before the year of 1945, So if this war ends in 1944 it better hurry, kinda looks like it won’t. But my guess it will be over before June. That is the latest it may end any time between now and then, That is my guess. What do you think? Let me know.

Well Christmas is over. We had a swell feast. I received packages from Lucille, Ann, Cec and from a girl in New York. I have a hunch I have one coming from you. Or so I have not got it yet. Our mail is very slow this year.

Well, we have real Winter weather, has been freezing for about two weeks now. the ground is froze about eight inch I would guess. It is snowing out today. Just off and on as yet there is not much on the ground.

I got several letters from you and Helen, and Art. Ha! since I last wrote, its been a little too cold to do much writing. We are in a house at the present so at least we might spend New Year Eve, where it is a little warmer. The windows are smacked out but we solve that in a hurry.

So Bud was out to see you Gee Whiz so he nailed a gal from Kansas, I would like to write to him but I have one hell of a time keeping up as it is. Tell Mr. + Mrs. Miller I said hello and that I got their xmas card.

Not to long ago we were transferred from the first army into like these. They always told us not to mention which we was in but now they say we can so maybe that will please Ann as she always wanted to know, so you can tell her.

Well, if this darn war won’t end pretty soon Jimmie will be writing to me, i was surprised to here he can write his name.

You should see the stills they have here nearly every home has one, once when we was at a home for a few days and our work done The fellows settled down to distilling cider, Boy! The Army can do any thing even make whiskey. Pretty darn good too.We manage to pick up too bottles, so maybe even we can celebrate a little.

Gosh I certainly would like to zip out to Hickory tonight. What are you doing. Going to step out or are you spending a quiet evening?

From your bro, Felix

P.S. O was just looking over some of my back mail and found one of your letters mentioning about the deaths in the neighborhood. Boy it was almost like being at war. Eh.
Who was glad to here Margie and Jim say a prayer for me. We need it. They must be pretty big and smart.

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