Dec 31, 1944 Dear Ben, Helen and children. Will write you one more letter this year. Only eight more hours before the year of 1945, So if this war ends in 1944 it better hurry, kinda looks like it won’t. But my guess it will be over before June. That is the latest it may Read more

Christmas in Luxemburg

Dec 25, 1944 Christmas in Luxemburg Dear Ann,Well here it is Christmas and I am thankful I am back in a place I can write. Yesterday we came back from the front, Those darn Krauts certainly tried to give us a bad time. “They” did. But in turn we give them a bad time and Read more

Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet?

VMAIL Feb 8, 1944 Dear Ann, Don’t have much to do this morning so I will fill this out to you. Being Monday morning I presume you are washing. Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet? I sorta hope they do. Would do him good besides he is no better then anyone else. Read more

I got a kick out of them

Dear Ann, I got a letter from Sylvia and Leona. I got a kick out of them so I will write you a short letter and send them to you. got your letter today. I already wrote a letter to Ben, Sonny, and now to you so I guess that will be enough for today. Read more