Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet?


Feb 8, 1944

Dear Ann,
Don’t have much to do this morning so I will fill this out to you. Being Monday morning I presume you are washing.

Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet? I sorta hope they do. Would do him good besides he is no better then anyone else.

Have you been to Hickory lately? How is the crowd? You never did tell me if you went there New Years Eve. I’ll be so glad when I can go there again. These small dances don’t amount to much. In London they have nice dance halls. I imagine the small towns are pretty darn dead back there now with all the young fellows gone.

By now I suppose they dig pretty deep into the married men!

Is everything ration as bad as it was or have they lifted it some.
From your bro

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