I could sorelly go for some of that home cooking right now.

Will try and answer your letters last week I got about four letters from you some of Sept and couple of Oct. I certainly would have liked being to Ben’s for Sunday dinner when Uncle Frank and Stolls were there. We eat pretty good as far as army food is concerned. But Boy oh Boy Read more

pubs close up as soon as they are out

Dear Ann. Will send you card so I don’t have to write so much. Got your letter today. Yes Beer is ration rather the pubs close up soon as they sell out. Felix Read more

Here I use three blankets to cover up with at night.

England, July 14, 1943 Dear Ben + All; Just got through playing a little ball so now I will spend a little time time writing. How is every thing at home? You must have your wheat cut by now. How was it this year? I got a letter from Ann, wrote June 26 “I believe!” Read more

Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet?

VMAIL Feb 8, 1944 Dear Ann, Don’t have much to do this morning so I will fill this out to you. Being Monday morning I presume you are washing. Did they get Stanly Z. in the army yet? I sorta hope they do. Would do him good besides he is no better then anyone else. Read more