You certainly go to the movies often don’t you?


Feb 15, 1944

Dear Ann,

Guess I will drop you a line before I do anything else.

You always want to know what we rather I do. Well I can’t hardly tell you all we do. It won’t go through. About all we do is the same we did a year two years ago.

I went to a dance last night had a good time this was a different town it lasted until 11:30 that is longer than they usually last. I was so tired this morning I guess I can’t take the late hours. ha. ha.

You certainly go to the movies often don’t you? Every letter I get you say you are going to Monroe to the Show. I go every once in awhile. The pictures aren’t so bad. Pretty old. About half are British and half American. Mostly the english ones aren’t very good.

I got Ben’s letter yesterday so now I owe him one again .I read in the paper today that some old ____ predicted that the war would be over by April 9th. Gosh I hope he is right. From Felix.

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