Pay day to day “hot digity dog”

April 30, 1942

Pay day to day “hot digity dog” we always look forward to pay day like little school kids.

Ann I am going to send a little money home this month it wont be much but a little.  Will you put it in the bank for me.  My bank book I think is in my dresser some where, when you get it take $2.00 or what ever you want and buy Mother and Dad some flowers either for Mother birthday or Mother day.

I got a letter from Sylvia to day she also send one of Thelma letters maybe I’ll put in another envelope and send it to you I guess I won’t be able to get it in this one.

Tell Eileen Monroe I said Hello. I guess I don’t know that Edward Matz althoe I did here of the name before

About our eats go home and read my letter I think I told them of some of the things we have

Tell Rich I’ll answer his long letter maybe next time I write.

Its raining out today but its warm so its not bad. Well I guess there is no more News for now so I will “Stop”. Gosh yes I wish I could have been there for dinner. Now that I make more money once in a while could of us go to town and buy a good meal something we like “a diner.”

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