I missed being a sharp shooter by 2 points boy!

</p>Company “B” 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
APO 309

May 28, 1942

Dear Ann
Got your card yesterday so I will answer, I also have few of those pictures to send to you.

Erwin and Myself. Sun Mar 29. 1942.

We were out to the rifle range Mon, Tue and Wed we had to stay out there and sleep in pup tents. I guess they didn’t want to drive back and forth on account of gas shortage, it wasn’t bad but it did rain a lot, we keep dry so everything turned out ok. Now we will have to shoot the pistol. I done pretty good with the rifle but since I have been in the army I haven’t shot a pistol I missed shooting it when I was home last Nov.

I missed being a sharp shooter by 2 points boy! It made me so mad I got so close and just didn’t make it. You know we have to shoot sitting, kneeling, and standing for record. nearly every body isn’t very good went it comes to standing shooting off hand “no sling”

Well that is where I can do pretty good. I got 42 points out of 50 at 200 yd. I think there were only 1 or 2 that beat me at that. not bad, Eh That is out of 170 men. I could go on and rattle about this for hours if I were talkin but to write it doesn’t go so good.

My paper hasn’t been coming very regular lately went it does come I get 2 or 3 at a time, I haven’t got the one with my picture yet, maybe I’ll get it today.

Yesterday I got the paper to with back sheet full of soldiers pictures gosh it made me mad to see Louis Mayner that fellow that worked for Gurber he didn’t leave nearly 2 months after I did and he was already home for 10 days furlough.

I guess I haven’t any favorite song right now. We haven’t had a radio for two week now. I hope somebody gets one soon for I sure like to listen to a radio.
I am glad that Ma got her marker so soon. Cora said you and Ben fixed it up so good this year.

Well I guess I’ll have to stop and write to Orvell LaVoy he wrote to me about 2 months ago.
be good,

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