We have two radios in our Barracks.

February 13, 1943

Dear Ann –

Your letter was here waiting for me when I got back from my pass.

I sent to Phila on my three day pass had a swell time wish I could have stayed longer. They gould just as well have let me stay till Mon morning. The only thing we did this morning was a full field inspection and now we have from Sat noon to Mon off.

I will do my washing this afternoon or tomorrow morning I have been doing my own since we have been here. We have a wash board so it don’t go so bad. About all I have is socks under wear,  hankies and cover – alls.

Gosh I’ll bet those pork chops were good that Ben left there.

We had spare ribs for dinner today. They weren’t so good “kind tough.”

It is raining out to day first it started to snow! Then turned to rain.

We have two radios in our Barracks. They are going all the time. I will listen to the hit parade tonight.

What do you do Sat nights? I suppose to night you will go to Ida and catch a small one.

I hope you have a nice Birthday. Have a drink for me.

I hope next year I can help you celebrate your birthday. I am getting plenty sick of this army.


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