Postcard from War Department

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He sure is a dilly for inspection

F. SwehlaCo B 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDWATERTOWNMAY 234:30 PM1943N.Y.FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtIda MichiganPine Camp N.Y. May 22, 1943 Dear Ann, I just now got your card and one yesterday. I am glad Ben is getting better, this would be heck of a time to be laid up. One good thing Art is there. He Read more

This Capt we have now don’t have any sympathy on us,

Pine Camp, N.Y. May 20, 1943 Dear Ben, I got a letter from Ann today. She said you was sick. I hope you are OK by now. As this would be bad time of year to be laid up. We are still here in Pine Camp. All ready to move and yet don’t no when Read more

I guess we will be moving before too long

Pine Camp N.Y. May 13, 1943 Dear Ben + All; I got your letter today was glad to here you got home ok. Gosh wasn’t it a nice day Sun. It was so nice and warm all the way back to camp. Boy I was so darn tired, shortly after I hit my seat I Read more

Here I am in Syracuse.

F. SwehlaCo B 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDSYRACUSEMAY 102 PM1943N.Y.FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan 500 P.M. Here I am in Syarcuse. In Detroit the train left 3 minutes after I got on. I want to thank you and Rich for the use of your car. Felix Read more

I am getting terrible hungry for some thing good to eat.

F. SwehlaCo B 803 T.D.Pine CampNew York POSTMARKEDWATERTOWNMAY 33 PM1943N.Y. FREE Mrs. Richard DrodtIda Michigan May 1 1943 Pine Camp, New York Hello Ann, + Rich. This is Sat noon I will start this letter I won’t finish it I have to some more work to do on my M10 tank. Dog gone since we Read more

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