He sure is a dilly for inspection

F. Swehla
Co B 803 T.D.
Pine Camp
New York

MAY 23
4:30 PM

Mrs. Richard Drodt
Ida Michigan
Pine Camp N.Y.

May 22, 1943

Dear Ann,

I just now got your card and one yesterday. I am glad Ben is getting better, this would be heck of a time to be laid up. One good thing Art is there. He can keep the work caugh up pretty well.

I think we will be moving now in the next week or two. I think we will be going back to N.Y. Or New Jersey then across.

I wish I could have come home once more while I was so close. Maybe I can make it from our next stop.

It is a very nice day to day. Yesterday it rained like sixty all day long. It is getting pretty warm here now. The flowers are beginning to bloom.

We have the week end off I can’t do much because I don’t have much money. I am going to Watertown for a while tonight to pass the time away.

I saw my name in the Petersburg paper. Did you put it in? I wonder who put it in the Monroe paper. Did you see it?

I wish I had a drink of Rich’s sour wine. I feel so thirsty today. Ha.

We had a tough inspection this morning. I passed it in flying colors. Boy we sure have to keep things in tip top shape for this Capt. He sure is a dilly for inspection.

I don’t know much more to write. Any how they just called chow so I better get going if I want any. (Here I go)

We had meat balls not so good but I am full.

Good Bye


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