An afternoon off

Pine Camp New York

May 31, 1943

Dear Ben + All;

This is Monday P.M. We got paid this morning now they give us the afternoon off.

The weather has been beautiful over the week end. It could not be any better day then today. Not too hot. Just an ideal day.

I suppose you went to the Cemetery this morning. I could not go so at least I thought about you being there.

The Lilacs are all in bloom here now. A girl that works in our P.X. In other words store, give me one branch this morning so I put it on my shelf. It smells so good. Everybody was smelling of it.

Those pictures you send me were real good. I am going to keep them, at least long as I can. That one with the pheasant was very good. Everybody looks the same.

Have you your corn in by now?

Gosh those fish you and Lee got spuring sounded like so much fun. Funny how they come way down that small ditch. At least you didn’t have far to go after them.

I think I will go to clean up then go to town for a little while. Might as well get a beer or two as long as we get the day off. So Long.


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